AI Knowledge Base

Pre-built intelligence based on 10,000+ real employee questions already factored in.

Making knowledge bases human, feature rich and self-learning
Knowledge Base Features
Human in the Knowledge Base
Actual employee questions are powering the knowledge base so that the right articles are served up to the employees via different channels - chat, email and SMS.
Bite size knowledge base articles
Employees need "just in time" answers to their questions. AptResponse platform can help design bite size articles so that employees can get to the answers to their questions in one minute or less.
Rich features
Unlike traditional knowledge bases that support only text, the AptResponse knowledge base can support richer components like embedded links and carousals to enhance the employee experience.
Topics and articles in the knowledge base which are irrelevant or need to be temporarily disabled can be easily configured.
The AptResponse dashboard captures employee utterances for questions that could not be answered by the bot. HR admin can easily add those questions to the knowledge base's existing topic or add a new topic so that the same or similar questions can be automatically answered the next time.
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